Our company acts on IT market since 2009. At the beginning of 2013 there were a major changes which let us to continually groove.

The main focus of our company is slightly transforming from the housing provider. However, it's still significant part of our business and it helps us to reduce cost in other segments. Currently, we provide IT support for smaller companies and restaurants. Since 2018 we do installation, maintenance and service of fiscal devices (products of BOWA company).In this area we have a lot of maintenance tasks completed and satisfied customers.

In the connection with the smart home automation segment grow, we have finished the testing of devices and we are fully ready to jump in to this market. We do design, installation and configuration.

90% of our customers contacted us based on excellent reference from their friends/business partners. We prefer long term cooperation, so all terms and conditions are set to the benefit of client.

We support open-source by free of change official mirror hosting for ArchLinux, LibreOffice and CPAN.

Service price catalogue (pdf)