Are you looking for a reliable housing for your server? Place it to our rack. We have an amount discount, so we can offer you better conditions like your provider. Our company was set up in 2009 for providing server housing. Thanks to our experiences, we guarantee you high availability.

Server housing

Service includes placement of your server to our rack, connection to 1Gb/s network, assignment of IP addresses, access to PDU (power distribution unit). Connection to remote IP KVM, disk replacement or escort to server room is free of charge on demand. We also offer optional services - network bonding, redundant power, additional IP addresses, server management.

Dedicated server

means housing without need of own server. You save acquisition costs and maintenance costs. We can change the configuration based on yours demands.

Server with support

We offer support for all kind for servers - yours, dedicated and virtual. We support Linux a Windows platform including install process and some applications running on it.

Service price catalogue (pdf)


Virtualization is common technique nowadays. Trouble-less run demands reliable hardware, capacity planning and skilled admins prepared to solve the crisis situations and individual customer needs. All our servers were migrated from Xen to KVM last years. From the point of customer, the virtualization is the best choice because it has only the benefits. The main one is cost save:

- no acquisition costs

- no maintenance costs

- much lover price comparing to housing

- easy and fast parameter change (ram,cpu,disk). Just tell us and we will make it happen.

- system settings and security is still in your hands. Don't rely to provider like webhosting users.

In nowadays there are a couple of virtualization techniques. Some of them are working on container system and did not provide real virtualizaiton (openVZ). Others are closed, did not meet the standards and did not provide full access for administrator (vmware, hyper-v), or are not designed for enterprise usage (virtualbox) KVM connects all the benefits - development is financed by big companies, is open-source and works on real virtualization principle.

Service price catalogue (pdf)

Kerio connect - email, calendar a contacts

Kerio Connect is one of the main alternatives to Microsoft Exchange. It offers e-mail, shared calendar and contact administration in your mail client, web browser and mobile devices. Kerio Connect provides everything what companies needs - secure e-mail and groupware functions in one package for a reasonable price, thanks to integrated anti virus system, powerful antispam, automatic backups and easy to use interface.

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Web hosting

We offer web hosting with control panel - CPanel. CPanel je professional, world wide used web hosting software. It manages mysql databases, dns entries, ftp accounts, email accounts, spam filter and much more. Web hosting is daily backed up, so you don't have to be afraid of data loss. We are domain registrar (.sk and foreign). If you need only to park a domain and handle DNS entries, we will provide you DNS parking only.

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Availability monitoring is available for all linux servers, windows servers, network printers, switches and other devices directly connected to internet. Service monitors availability, server load and chosen services. You receive mail and sms notification in case of problem. Control is make thru web interface. Service offers extended options for monitoring and notification.

Performance monitoring shows increased/decreased trend of load. It is possible to predict and plan necessary changes required for trouble less system running and fast response with it. Customer can install application himself free of charge or ask us for data collection to our server.

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Server backup is critical point of any environment support. We offer data backup as additional service. Data transfer is encrypted in SSH protocol. It is not necessary to order backup service for webhosting or Kerio connect, these are automatically backed up.

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Our specialization are linux servers, windows servers, network printers, switches a other devices connected to internet. We offer complete care - hardware delivery, installation and support. You can save a lot with outsourcing. Our technicians are regularly attending technical trainings because the quality is on the first place.

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Other services

Our company provides to customer besides IT services also technical project realization. We have and equipment and skills with electronic devices installations. We are doing technical realization for outside car cinema.

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